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Go Life & Business Coaching

Life Coaching is a science that can address and discover the client’s personal and professional life challenges, it uncovers the stumbling blocks. This science is not build upon advice and therapies; it encourages and guides the best within you to find a way to achieve the desired goals and improving the client’s quality of life.

In life, there are always those who have walked the path before you and those who will walk the path after you. This is the principal ideology behind life coaching.

We will work closely with you to identify and select the potential employees among your organization using well structured and proven successful methods conducted in an assessment center depending on the competency and the job profile.Unlike many other companies, we don’t have one assessment center that can fit all positions. Instead we analyze the job profile and build the set of competencies needed for that position, then we design the assessment center and conduct it according to the most successful and well known business standards.

Our Life Couching Team will help you to re-establish the energy and passion in your life. And the great news is, the process is rewarding and insightful (and even fun!). The opportunity to dream big, identify your goals, have someone help you be accountable to your action steps, and cheer you on as you find greater satisfaction in life is powerful.


What will you benefit from Life Coaching?

  • International Coaching Federation reported that those who undertake coaching can expect significant improvement in productivity and satisfaction with life and work.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Enhanced Decision making Skills
  • Increased Confidence
  • Discover your Personal Vision & Values and their impact on your life and business
  • Understand your Beliefs System
  • Overcome the limitations of your Belief
  • Understand your Life Purpose

Why Life Coaching?

  • Design your life to maximize fulfillment
  • Discover your Personal Vision & Values and their impact on your life and business
  • Feel the power of being present
  • Understand your beliefs system
  • Create CLARITY
  • Strengthen your personal foundation, raise your standards, eliminate toleration and set boundaries
  • Give yourself an edge in your career, in your life
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs
  • Discover and enjoy the power of perspectives
  • Explore and join the land of Commitment

Sessions Outlines

  • Your life Journey – Universal Laws
  • Meet your happy endorphins
  • How our minds work / our Perspective about life
  • We are in control
  • Pain and Pleasure
  • Amend our Compass ( What is your life purpose)
  • Getting things done and put first things first
  • Success – Overcoming your limiting beliefs
  • Your Thoughts
  • Your Words

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