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Master The life you want

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Program Overview

“Master the life you want is an active 3 days Training & Group Life Coaching Event in Cairo designed to help you rediscover yourself and maximize your potential by becoming a better version of yourself
and to create the quality of life you dream of. You will learn how you can overcome your fears and limiting beliefs to achieve your goals and take control of your
emotions, mind and body.”

Program Benefits

Do you know that 95% of people who usually write their new year
resolutions they break them by Jan 15th of the same year.
If you want to know why? and how to create a lasting change in your life
then have a look at our Master your life event but before that please check
the below statements:• Are you looking to create a lasting change and want things to be
different or want to have a better quality of life and be more fulfilled?
• Do you want to overcome your fears and your limiting beliefs to step
out of your comfort zone and find success?
• Do you have a bad memory that consumes your mind and energy that
you want to get rid of?
• Are you dreaming of a better relationship with yourself and others?
• Is your life stressful? Do want a better plan and to organize your life? 
• Are you planning to achieve important goals in 2019?
• Are searching for a meaning to your life?
• Do you want to feel more energetic, healthier and to look younger?
If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then Master The Life You
Want will help you getting the change you want.

Program Outlines

  • Day One: Mastering Your Mind & Living a Fulfilling Life
    What is Your Dream?
    What Stops People From Achieving Their Dreams?
    Taking Your Life Back.
    The Three Elements of Practical Psychology.
    How to Live a Magnificent Life?
    The Art of Fulfillment and the Science of Success.
    The Auto-Pilot Mode (The Conscious & Unconscious mind).
    Living Your values.
    How to Create Lasting change.
    The Power of Decisions.
    Three DecisionsThat Control your destiny.
    The Power of Perception: The Meaning We Give to Everything.
    The Force That Shapes Your life.
    Our Belief systems.
    Break Our Limiting Beliefs.
    Day Two: Master your personality and Understand Others
    Understand Why People Do What They Do?
    The Mystery of The Human Beings.
    Introduction to Enneagram Personality Types.
    History of Enneagram.
    Description of Enneagram Types.
    Each Type’s Blind Spots.
    Fears of Each Enneagram Type.
    Motivations for Each Enneagram Type.
    How You Should Communicate With Each Type?
    Strengths Points and Development Area of Each Type.
    Creating an Action Plan.
    Day Three: Master The Science of Success & Wellbeing
    Stress Management Techniques.
    Hypnosis for Relaxation.
    Managing Your Triggers.
    Time Management & Priorities Setting.
    The Success Formula.
    Goal Settings: Plan your Year.
    Meet Your Happy Chemicals.
    Happiness Starts From The Gut.
    Understand Our Body.
    Acidity and Alkalinity
    Change Your Life Style.
    Knowing your Life Purpose
    Commitment Land.
    Drum Circle.
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