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Master Your Relationships

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Program Overview

“Master Your Relationships is a active 2 days Training & Relationship
Coaching Event designed to help you discover the secrets to long-term
relationship success. Research shows that great friendships and love
relationships between lovers, parents and children lead to:
– Greater Health
– Greater Wealth
– Greater Resilience
– Faster Recovery from illness
– Greater Longevity
– More Successful Children
You will discover how to build happy fulfilling relationships by enhancing
your communication with your partner, resolving conflicts more easily,
creating a vision of what you want in a relationship, and avoiding drama.
Life and Relationship Coaches Ahmed Hanafi and Lara Atallah will guide
you to foster enlightened relationships that will help you build a happier
life! Learn to cultivate more conscious relationships through openness,
honesty and deliberation.

Program Benefits

This Workshop offers proven techniques and secrets that you can easily
apply to your own life to create the fulfilling, true love relationship you truly
In this course, we will answer the following questions:
• What is the relationship that I truly desire?
• Who do I need to become to have a healthier relationship?
• How can I create long lasting love in my relationship?
• How to be happy in my relationship?
• What causes the “In Love” experience, and why does it fade?
• How to manage conflict and have better communication with my partner?
• What are the 5 languages of love?
• How to get rid of a bad memory?
• How to build trust in my relationship?
If you’re tired of drama, conflict, and disappointment and ready for real,
true love and a deep, happy, fulfilling relationship, we welcome you to join
us on the journey of MASTER YOUR RELATIONSHIPS

Program Outlines

  • Day One: The “I” in a relationship
    • Designing Alliance in Relationship
    •Creating Relationship Vision
    • What are our Core Values in a Relationship
    • My Boundaries and what is accepted and what is not?
    •How to Become a Match to my Dream?
    •The Limiting and Supporting Beliefs in Relationships
    •The Shadows Work
    •Taming your Ego
    • Being in love versus true love
    • The 7 stages of Love
    • How do you define love?
    • 5 Languages of Love
    • The Happiness formula
    •My Personality and My Partner’s Personality in a Relationship
    Day Two: The “I , You & We” in a relationship
    • The Relationship Myth
    • Leading from beside (The 100% – 100% Partners)
    • Create Emotional Bank Account
    • Top 4 toxics behaviors in relationship and their antidotes
    •Managing ghost Role in a relationship
    • Third Entity exercise
    • Effective Communication in relationships
    • Building Trust in relationships
    • Levels of listening
    • Reading the emotional field
    • The Apology Language
    • Managing Conflicts through Lands Work
    •The Power of Acknowledgement
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