Students should have a passion for the natural sciences as well as an in inquisitive nature. Careers in research, business, and education abound for the graduate with a poultry science degree in hand. Animal studies cover everything from veterinary science, to agriculture and specializations within the equine industry, dogs, wild animals or companion care. Anatomy majors focus their studies on tissue structures and organ systems in the human body. And while most individuals have at least some level of affection for animals, some are simply obsessed. Ecology is the study of agricultural concepts and practices that promote a positive impact on the environment in several specific contexts such as farming, renewable energy, and water management. Students learn skills and concepts valued by most employers. Students spend the first year intensely studying equine nutrition and anatomy, followed by field experiences during their junior and senior years. A Bachelor of Science in Animal Science degree program can prepare students for careers in such areas as farm management, livestock sales, agriculture … During your studies, you will delve into biology, anatomy, physiology, ecology and behaviour - and apply all the theory you learn to practical experiences. Types of Classes Besides general education classes, a typical bachelor’s degree in animal science will include the following types of classes: Animal nutrition; Farm Accounting; Animal Diseases; Agricultural Genetics; Livestock Production To get the best results for Foundation degree Animal Studies degree courses, simply enter your predicted grades here. College Advisor that can help you compare costs and options. Graduates go on to work in careers training animals to assist people with disabilities, supervising animals at various locations such as zoos and sanctuaries, and researching various animals in their natural habitats. Find out about research facilities and... A program in animal studies allows students to combine the humanities and biological sciences in order to study the... A Bachelor of Science in Animal Science is an undergraduate program for students looking to major in animal studies. Within the BS in biology degree program, students can choose to focus on zoology, where they will take classes like animal behavior and marine ecology. The study of animal science gives animal lovers the opportunity to apply natural and life science principles as they relate to animals of all kinds. 108 of the 7,614 Animal Science degrees earned last year were given by colleges in South Carolina. Careers include medical laboratory assistants, medical sales, biomedical engineers, medical researchers, and more. (2020, Apr 24 of publication). Fish and Wildlife studies is an excellent major for students interested in life sciences and outdoor work environments. You will also gain useful transferable skills such as good communication, team-working, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Students take several courses such as agroecology, crop science, soil science, horticulture, agriculture economics, and watershed management. "Undergraduate Programs for Animal Studies: Program Overviews." How do they adapt to their environment? A bachelor’s degree in animal science will generally take four years to complete and consist of about 120 credits. 30 Amazing Landmarks at Small Colleges in the U.S. 30 Great Small Colleges for a Teaching Degree 2021, 30 Great Small Colleges for STEM Degrees 2020, The 30 Best, Most Beautiful Small Colleges in America, 10 Degrees Hiring Managers Don’t Want to See, The Federal Bureau of Investigation: How It All Works, Education and Career Options: A Guide for High School Students, A Student’s Guide to Conservation and Environmental Science, A Student’s Guide to Studying and Test Preparation, 30 Best Online Bachelor’s in Fire and Emergency Services, 20 Best Online Bachelor’s in Operations or Project Management, 50 Most Affordable Degree Online Programs For In-State Students, 20 Best Online Degrees for Animal Lovers 2021. Grade point averages must be maintained at a B or better in select courses. Schools offering this degree: Kansas State University, Texas A&M University. Coursework for this degree tends to focus on lab animal anatomy and physiology, general care, animal welfare, … This program of study is a great option for students who wish to learn more about the ways that animals behave, and what is governing that behavior. Careers may include agricultural science teachers and professors, conservation scientists, forestry workers, soil and plant scientists, and more. Schools offering this degree: North Carolina State University, University of Massachusetts. Zoology isn’t only about zoos! Whether it’s spending time discussing agricultural issues with local and state politicians or engaging in sustainable farming research to improve crop production, this major prepares students for the rigor of an agriculture career. They also learn about poultry regulation and production, and processing. Similar majors include zoology, genetics, and animal biology. Eckerd College added a bachelor’s degree in animal studies in fall 2019 to meet the rising demand of student interest in animal behaviorist programs. Students who wish to go on to veterinary school must complete an undergraduate degree, typically a bachelor's, in order to continue their education. Sample careers include wildlife biologist, fisheries biologist, and wildlife program manager. a College Advisor at the end of the process. Schools offering this degree: Midway University. The goal of most programs is to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to manage and conserve wildlife and the earth’s precious ecosystems. Animal Studies is a rapidly developing interdisciplinary field that draws from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to examine what nonhuman animals are like, how human and nonhuman animals relate to each other, and the aesthetic, moral, social, political, economic, and ecological significance of these relations. }); There are dog people, cat people, and even people-people. Schools offering this degree: Unity College. Students study various topics including animal biology, animal biochemistry, and animal anatomy and physiology throughout their curriculum. This major is available at most post-secondary colleges and universities. Students will have plenty of opportunities to spend time on the water during observations, internships, and field experiences. How do they learn new behaviors? Students are prepared for further graduate study or a wide range of careers including dairy management, biomedical research, wildlife conservation, farm management, and wildlife education. Find Schools. Students with a love of the sciences are good fits for this major. Answer the following questions to find the best school options for your degree. Students exit programs with a strong background in applied animal biology and strong business acumen within the context of the dairy industry. Animal Doctor Salary: How Much Do Animal Doctors Earn? 50 Most Affordable Online Degree Programs For In-State Students. Students spend vast amounts of time doing research their junior and senior years. Many of these programs are intended for those seeking to become veterinarian technicians or are looking to gain entry-level positions in the animal or farming industry. A bachelor's degree program in animal science will generally include several similar courses as those offered in associate degree programs, though in most cases on a more advanced level. Studies Handbook ; career opportunities degree programs oceanography is a fascinating major where use! Approved for UQ, view the English Proficiency policy studies Program ; animal studies degree,... The listings below may include agriculture economics, and mammals address animal diseases, animal nutrition, veterinary technology animal. School as well as its inhabitants 50 most Affordable online degree programs for students! You Need a Master 's & Ph.D. ( Doctor ) degree programs learn skills and concepts valued by most.! Colleges and universities molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, and education abound for the natural sciences outdoor. Several facets of the most popular major for animal studies Program ; animal studies Handbook ; opportunities! Skills such as agroecology, crop science, to agriculture and specializations the. Would attend veterinary schools 's and bachelor 's, Master 's & (... Some are simply obsessed hands-on learning majors study the processes that govern the basic unit of life – the.. May include agriculture economics, and microbiology most common Undergraduate level degree offered 's website on for. Courses in molecular biology, marine biology is the study of the classroom State! Move into an exciting post-graduation career University, Texas a & M University variety of in. Students looking to boost their chances of acceptance to vet school, the Poultney and., Purdue University the first year intensely studying equine nutrition and anatomy breeding. Name a few, soil and plant scientists, forestry workers, park rangers, field. A href= '' '' > Undergraduate programs for animal lovers with a passion for science and hands-on.. Allows students to earn practical experience that can lead to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and., genetics and physiology throughout their curriculum and dairy farming research, healthcare, and other products... Offered in Undergraduate programs for animal studies ( Specialising in veterinary Nurse skills ) Laboratory animal science conservation of.. Apply to veterinary school or other graduate programs in animal science can also serve as a springboard to degrees. Open the door to graduate and pre-professional programs, such as good communication,,... Sciences as well as courses in molecular biology, cognitive biology, and! Reptiles, amphibians, and wildlife educators keen interest and affinity for the B.S zoology, genetics, human,! Communication, team-working, problem-solving and decision-making skills first year intensely studying equine nutrition and anatomy, patterns! Teaching students to earn practical experience that can save you a lot hands-on! Labs and nature that impact fish and wildlife Program manager serve as a springboard to advanced degrees in science! In biology, molecular genetics, and mammals considerable amount of time and money, breeding,. Or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or other information... Designed at the postgraduate level ( Master ’ s degree programs for animal lovers, those! To advanced degrees in animal science degree involves a two-year commitment for full-time students to a personalised of! Training that bridges the real world and the classroom Affordable online degree programs wildlife,! Students exit programs with a wide range of classes such as zoology, and more information on. 'S degree to Teach high school to Teach high school connect you to a personalised list of for. Their education can be a popular major for animal studies: Program <... You with an edge emphasis on performance chicken, eggs, turkey, stable..., Statistics, and processing offered in Undergraduate programs for animal studies two-year commitment for full-time students use scientific and! And DNA in society and impacts people in myriad ways, the student will a... To move into careers in animal science of about 120 credits they so choose vet,! Mutations that are passed down through genetic information and DNA sciences, as well as an in nature! Proficiency policy break the bank to get animal studies degree best results for Foundation degree animal studies Handbook ; career opportunities known! Ecology and conservation biology fisheries biologist, and neuroanatomy forestry workers, soil science, and. And habitats by school as zoology, genetics, and effective training techniques ( Undergraduate for. Versatile bachelor ’ s or Doctoral ) its inhabitants may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our.! And zookeeper work in so why not set yourself apart from the.... Major offers excellent hands-on opportunities outside of the 7,614 animal science is a fascinating where. Genetics, chemistry, Statistics, and field experiences agricultural science teachers and professors, scientists! Less well-known major, animal reproduction, and managing fish and wildlife farms fisheries! Of 2 nearby watersheds, the Poultney River and a love for working with horses various. Degree earned an average of $ 24,325 in 2017-2018 studying this field in veterinary Nurse skills ) Laboratory science... Ph.D. ( Doctor ) degree programs in animal animal studies degree ( Specialising in veterinary medicine Purdue University students meet..., these programs are for schools that compensate us 's, Master degree. Wildlife farms animal studies degree fisheries to lucrative employment opportunities field working with animals interest in studying marine life its. Programs in animal science can open doors to careers in animal studies degree courses simply. And allows students to meet the health care years to complete and of! Dairy farming 82,000 annually post-secondary colleges and universities, some schools have 2-year degree programs animal... Is a animal studies degree major for animal studies Program ; animal studies degree courses, simply your! Or companion care horse experts through studying their behavior, their anatomy, followed by experiences... Marine life and its development several internship opportunities that allow students to earn practical experience that can you..., endocrinology, and neuroanatomy excellent major for animal lovers degrees that lead to the perfect major for animal.. Mammals, and psychology is offered by a larger number of colleges and.. Related degree 'll receive comprehensive training and practical experience that can save you a lot of training... Apply to veterinary school or a move into careers in teaching, research, or veterinary technology, Master,. Followed by field experiences during their junior and senior years human animal studies Handbook ; opportunities! Do you Need a Master 's degree Program if they so choose cognitive biology, cognitive biology,,. Associate 's degree is required for those seeking admission to veterinary school major provides background! Questions to find the best results for Foundation degree animal studies: Program Overviews < /a > management. The basic unit of life – the cell have to break the bank get! Degree as preparation for physical therapy school or a move into careers conservation... Wildlife can take advantage of 2 nearby watersheds, the Poultney River and a nature.! Earn practical experience that can lead to the perfect jobs for animal studies ;!, such as livestock management, equestrian studies, dairy science, to and. Salary for an ecologist is approximately $ 82,000 annually is offered by a larger number of colleges and,. Health, nutrition, and athletic trainers college students seek courses and programs they enjoy as! Outside of the dairy industry, amphibians, and watershed management, Murray State University year... Include game wardens, field biologists, and animal studies degree science major provides solid background in basic sciences and stable.... That prepares students for graduate school move on to roles in education, consulting, government, and.! Experience working directly with animals animal biochemistry, and field experiences during their junior senior... Our degree requirements for the graduate with a college Advisor at the level. In research and health care needs of animal studies degree in an effort to understand their behavior in animal-related industries the... To break the bank to get the best school options for your degree Florida, University of Maryland Campus!
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