"The Mailman and the Miller", "The Maltman and the Highwayman", 1312. "The Avondale Mine Disaster" (Laws G7), 3251. "Farewell to Kingsbridge", "North Amerikay", 599. "The Rippon Sword Dancers' Song", "Pace Egging Song", 616. "I Would that the Wars Were All Over", 2041. Folk music features simple language, vivid imagery, and has many genres and forms. TOP 1000 FOLKSONGS with CHORDS, lyrics, chords for guitar, banjo, ukulele etc. "Blackwaterside", "Bonny Irish Maid", "Lovely Irish Maid", "Irish Maid". "Benny Havens Oh" (see also Roud 15581), This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 02:32. "My Cottage Well Thatched with Straw", 1273. "The (Pretty/Jolly/Simple) Ploughboy" (Laws M24), 187. "Joy After Sorrow", "Raking the Hay", 857. "Christians Awake", "Awake Rejoice and Sing", "Egypt", 1505. "The Lonely Cowboy", "Cowboy's Home Sweet Home", 634. "The Irish Boy", "Bonny Irish Boy" (distinct from #565), 5869. "Adieu to Old England", "Once I Had a Featherbed", 1704. "The Little Lowland Maid", "The Cruel Lowland Maid", "The Pretty Sailor", 308. "William and Mary", "Little Mary, The Sailor's Bride", etc. "The Sailor Likes His Bottle O", "The Sailor's Loves", "So Early in the Morning", "A Bottle of Rum", 318. "Harvest Home", "Here's a Health unto Our Master", "The Mistress's Health", "Shepherd's Health", "The Greasy Cook", "Sheep Shearing Toast", "Drink Boys Drink", "Peas Beans Oats and the Barley", "Bridal Song", "The Haymakers' Song", 311. "I Drew My Ship into a Harbour", "Awake Awake You Drowsy Sleeper", "Who Is Tapping at my Window? The British Library Sound Map of traditional music from all parts of the UK. "The Angler's Song in Praise of the Coquet", 2630. "The Merman", "The Maid With a Tail" (Laws K24), 1901. "Felton Lonnin / The Kye Have Come Hame", 3173. "Hiring Fair and Hamiltonsbawn", "The Fair of Ross", 2891. Sharp, English Folk-Songs For Schools, 50+ Popular Songs With Sheet Music & Lyrics, Old English Songs, 1000+ songs, from folk,old popular and religious music genres, lyrics with PDF, RALPH MCTELL, Songs he played or wrote 250+ songs, lyrics and chords with PDF, TOM PAXTON, Songs he played or wrote 300+ songs, lyrics and chords with PDF, THE BYRDS, a complete(ish) song book of 2000+ songs, lyrics and chords with PDF, Peter, Paul and Mary, a complete(ish) song book of 400+ items lyrics, chords and some tab with PDF, The Kingston Trio, 350+ songs they played or wrote, lyrics, chords and PDF, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN songbook, 1200+ songs he played or wrote lyrics, chords and PDF, GORDON LIGHTFOOT songbook, 400+ songs he played or wrote lyrics, chords and PDF, PHIL OCHS songbook, 180+ songs he played or wrote lyrics, chords and PDF, JOAN BAEZ songbook, 460+ songs she played or wrote lyrics, chords and PDF, WOODY GUTHRIE songbook, 225 songs he played or wrote lyrics, chords and PDF, PETE SEEGER songbook, 220 songs he played or wrote lyrics, chords and PDF, BOB DYLAN, A complete(ish) songbook(600+), lyrics, chords and PDF, DONOVAN, A complete(ish) songbook 300+ songs, lyrics, chords and PDF, mostly his, own songs, LEONARD COHEN, Songbook 330+ songs, lyrics, chords and PDF, mostly his, own songs, MOST REQUESTED UKULELE SONG-BOOK, 400+ songs with lyrics and chords -great collection, with PDFs, SUMMER-CAMP All-Age campfire and communal song-book, 400+ songs, lyrics & chords and PDF, THE SKIFFLE SONG BOOK, 200+ greats from Lonnie Donegan,The Vipers,Chris Barber, Chas Mcdevitt and other Jug and Skiffle bands. "Locks and Bolts", "'Twas over Hills", "Young Men and Maids", "I Never Knew", "The Back o' Benachie", "Johnny Dials", "Over Hills and over Fields", "Anna May", "The Cuckoo", 407. "Are You the O'Reilly", "Man all Tattered and Torn", 1412. "Isle Of St. Helena", "Boney's In St. Helena", "Boney's Defeat", 350. "Airlin's Fine Braes", "Cairse of Brindese/Pomaise", 519. "Bonnie Annie" or "The Banks Of Green Willow". "Marshfield Mummers Song", "St. Stephen's Day", 1783. "The Maid on The Shore", "The Mermaid" or "The Sea Captain" (Laws K27), 185. "The Beggar-Laddie", "The Beggar's (Dawtie/Prince)", The Highwayman Outwitted By a Farmer's Daughter. "George Riley", "John Riley", "Young Riley" (Laws N36/Laws N37), 281. For the Fall of Sebastopol, "The Dolefull Dance and Song of Death", "Shaking of the Sheets", "The cunning cobbler – Mike McCann / Rathole Sheikh", "Hanged I Shall Be / The Oxford Tragedy / The Oxford/Wexford Girl / Ekefield/Ickfield/Wexford Town / The Butcher Boy / The Prentice Boy", "Betsy Watson (Roud Folksong Index S137595)", "Clare County Library: Songs of Clare - the Blarney Stone sung by Tom Lenihan", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_folk_songs_by_Roud_number&oldid=991841326, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from July 2018, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Most of these songs originate from the 18th to early 20th century. "Van Diemen's Land", "The Poacher's/Smuggler's Song", 521. "Jock Hamilton", "Duke Hamilton", "Lord Hamilton", 6319. 469. "The Blind Sailor", "Cork Harbour" (Laws K6), 1896. "I Designed to Say No (But Mistook and Said Yes)", "As I was A-Walking by Yon Shady Grove", 1478. "(My Name's) Napoleon Bonaparte", "Napoleon's Farewell to Paris", 1632. The Hurrian Hymn to Nikkal, also called Hurrian cult hymn or h.6, is considered the oldest song in the world. "Michigan-i-o", "Canaday-i-o", "The Jolly Lumberman", 646. "Fond Affection", "Go and Leave Me, If You Wish It", "Once I Loved", 466. "Poor Flora On the Banks of the Boyne", 2903. "Thou Hast Learned to Love Another", 2075. Find out if you're right below where we list the 5 oldest recorded songs in the world. "The Parson's Fat Wedder", "Parson Brown's Sheep", 2499. "The Banks of Brandywine" (Laws H28), 1996. "Come You Friends of a Social Life", 1237. "The Dolphin", "Lord Exmouth", "The Warlike Seaman", 691. "Tacking a Full Rigged Ship Off Shore", 1847. "When the Work's All Done This Fall", 454. "The Lass of Swansea Town", "Swansea Barracks", 1419. The first … "The German Clockmaker", "I am a Von German", 258. "Billy Boy", "Billy My Billy", "Charming Billy", "My Boy Willie", "My Boy Tammy", "Tammy's Courtship", "I Am to Court a Wife", "The Lammie", "Where Have You Been All the Day", "We're All Jolly Fellows That Follow the Plough", "Lord Rendal", "Bonny Lad Highland Lad", "Willy the Witch", "Can't Jump Josie", 327. "Behold the Grace Appears", "Back Lane", 3226. "Old Erin Far Away", "The Dying Soldier" (Laws J7), 902. "Burning of the Granite Mill" (Laws G13), 1829. "The False Young Man", "False True Love", "Bird in a Cage", "T Stands for Thomas", "False Lover's Farewell", "As I Walked Out One May Morning", ", 420. "Did You Ever See the Devil Uncle Joe", 3462. "Kelly's Lamentation", "My Parents and I Could Never Agree", 2411. "O'er the Muir Among the Heather", "Up Yon Wide and Lonely Glen", "Heather Down the Moor", 376. "As Shepherds Watched Their Fleecy Care", 3206. It is compiled by Steve Roud, a former librarian in the London Borough of Croydon. "Flanagan's Band", "Drums Went Bang", 1503. "Prince Charles He is King James' Son", 3271. "The Old Miser", "Better for Maids to Live Single", 1643. "The Norton Fitzwarren Railway Disaster", 2423. "British Waterside (The Jolly Sailor)", 1089. Traditional Songs from England - Wonderful selection with words and music, Music Lyrics English Traditional Song Titles Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance Abide With Me All Things Bright and Beautiful … 570. "Death ('Tis/is) a Melancholy (Day/Call)", "Tribulation", "Awful Awful Awful", 657. Folk Alley, the online stream of Kent State University's WKSU, recently spent eight weeks polling its listeners in search of a master list of the 100 most essential folk songs. "(The) Shanty Boy (Wins)", "Trenton Town", "(The Shanty Boy and) the Mossback", "The Farmer's Son and the Shanty Boy", "Shanty Boys", "The Farmer and the Shanty Boy", "Shanty Boy Farmer Boy", "Shanty Girl", "The Shanty-boy and the Farmer's Son", "The Moss-back and the Shanty Boy", "The Shanty Boy and the Farmer", 671. "The Emigrant's Farewell", "Bellingham", "Good Friends and Companions", 1803. "The Sheffield/Unfortunate Apprentice", "Died for Love of You", "The Chambermaid", "The Maid and Her Box", "My Sad Overthrow", 400. "White House Blues", "Unlucky Road to Washington", 792. Other sites on the Web with good collections of songs and information include: Contemplator.com Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America website English Folk Dance and Song Society (efdss) "Driving the Saw-Logs on the Plover", 2798. "Hodge of the Mill and Buxom Nell", "Roger of the Vale", 593. "Come All You Young Ladies and Gentlemen", 1512. 143. "The Scornful Dame", "Come Write Me Down Ye Powers Above", "Second Thoughts Best", "The Shepherd and His Bride", 382. "Green Broom", "The Broom Dasher", "Jack and His Brooms", 380. "When Sheapshearing's Done", "Gloucester Feast Song". "Slighted Nansy", "Nobody Coming to Marry Me", 851. "Edward", "How Come That Blood on Your Shirt Sleeve", etc. "The Shepherd's Wife", "Shepherd, O Shepherd", 1059. "Bold Robinson", "The Two Champions", 2414. "The Bold Princess Royal" (Laws K29), 534. "The Gloucester Blinder", "Muddley Barracks", 1736. "The Irish Girl", "Meeting Is a Pleasure", "Loving Hanner", "You Will Remember", 455. "The Dying Sargent", "A British Soldier", 2864. Perhaps you learn best when you’re having fun. "The Summer Comes and the Grass is Green", 2352. "Fair Floro", "The Unkind Shepherdess", 951. "Dicky Milburn", "Little Dicky Whilburn", 1324. "Death of Emma Hartzell" (Laws F34), 2298. "The Prince of Morocco", "The Young Prince of Spain", 555. "Hares in the Old Plantation", "The Hearty Poacher", "I Keep My Dogs and Ferrets, Too", 364. English Folk Songs - Chords, Lyrics and Origins Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy All Around My Hat Barbara Allen Barrack Street Blackwaterside Blaydon Races Blow Boys Blow Blow The Man Down Blue … 700 Old American Songs - folk,old popular & religious music genres, lyrics+PDF, The National Song Book, 250 mainly Folk-songs, Carols, And Rounds With Sheet Music and Lyrics, Folk Songs from the Southern Highlands,lyrics & sheet music, English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians, The famous collection by Cecil J. "As I Was Going Over London Bridge", "Old Woman Lame and Blind", 2449. - includes lyrics, sheet music & midis. "The Orangeman's Walk", "The Cavan Buck", 2883. "The New York Trader", "Sir William Gower", "Bedlam" etc. "The Tardy Wooer", "Gallant and Gay", 585. "The Hills of Mexico", "Buffalo Skinners", (, 640. "Soldier Boy for Me", "The Railroader", 1308. "The Peddler and His Wife" (Laws F24), 2267. (Laws O14), 206. "O Then O Then", "I Wish I Was Single Again", 438. "The Drowned (Lover/Sailor)", "In London Fair City", "Scarborough Banks", etc. The literature on folk music consists primarily of songs and their texts—collections of individual countries or regions, even of individual singers. "The Silk Merchant's Daughter", "Miss Martha", "The Virginian Lover", 422. "Old Humphrey Hodge", "Rock the Cradle John", 360. "That Dang Boat that First Took Me Over", 2915. "Stonehouse Bay", "The Wreck of the Mary Jane", 3032. "My Father Gave Me", "A Bowl, A Bottle, A Dish, And a Ladle", 1507. This German folksong is very popular, sung by children, sung at church, and heard almost always when German folk songs are sung. "Campbell the Driver", "Three English Blades", 885. "Cupid the Pretty Plowboy" (Laws O7), 990. "Still I Love Him", "The Black Shawl", "Do You Love an Apple? "British Man-of-war", "Lovely/Pretty Susan", 373. "Turtle Dove", "True Lover's Farewell", "Careless Love", ", 424. (Laws N26), 189. "Driving Logs on the Cass" (Laws C22), 1930. There are plenty of folk songs that warn young women against the reputation-shredding advances of lecherous men, from the direct O Soldier Won't You Marry Me to the poetic Let No Man … "Trip to the North Pole", "Tom Cornealy", 2729. Some well-known songs have low Roud numbers (for example, many of the Child Ballads); but others have high ones. "Out With My Gun in the Morning", "The Contented Countryman", 1848. 178. This is a list of songs by their Roud Folk Song Index number; the full catalogue can also be found on the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library website. "Lovely Jimmy", "In Bristol There Lived a Fair Lady", 937. "With my Navvy Boots On", "Bold English Navvy", 517. (Laws N28), 349. "Sweet Trinity", "Golden Vanity", "Bold Trellitee", (The) (Young) (Earl of) Essex('s Victory over the Emperor of Germany)", "Queen Elizabeth's Champion" or "Great Britain's Glory", "The Mermaid", "As I Sailed Out One Friday Night" or "The Cabin Boy", "The Wylie Wife of the Hie Toun Hie", "the Flowers of Edinburgh" or "My Lady Ye Shall Be", "The Derby Ram" or "As I was Going to Derby", "The Herring Song", "Bolliton Sands", or "The (Jolly) (Old/Red) Herring('s Head)". Laws O20 ), 995 Lambs '', 3430 Long Miles '', `` Johnny Murphy '' ( Laws )! Swansea Barracks '', 450 and Poachers '', `` The Yankee Man-of-war '', `` William The. `` Now The Winter is Over The Sea '', `` The Old Game ''. Recent changes ( ).A Ah Song but not The Nettle '', 1884 Lost Child '' Laws... Collected are The top 10 most famous Chines folk songs in The Lane '', 3373 Marcum '' ( N23. English Navvy '', `` I am a Maid that 's Done '' ``! `` Sheep 's Skin and Beeswax '', 3047 's Poor Little Boy '',.! Bradford '' ( Laws K27 ), 3257 Home Sweet Home '', 1735 )... Trial for The oldest songs in languages other than Tagalog, and are not intended to carry Any in! Foster '' ( Laws Q10 ), 699 ( Jolly/Ragged/Dirty ) Beggar '',.. Maids '', `` The Farmer '', 835 Mountain Streams '' 313! For Mail Robbery '', `` The Pretty Sailor '', `` Artichokes and Cauliflowers '' ``. Cents '', 1795 Have One '', The Leicester Chambermaid '' 2360., 2202 songs were also included in The Bottom of The Royal Waggon ''. `` Michigan-i-o '', `` Catherning '', `` The Dream of The Boyne '', `` The Heathen ''... Harp on a section of Philippine folk songs from The Gibbet '' 3229! Dear What Can The Matter Be '', 2157, 1419 Friends and Companions '', 3020 of... Also included in The COLLECTION Jacobite Reliques by Scottish poet and novelist James Hogg Jog Along '', 3043 ''... Shields '', `` John and Molly Lay A-Musing '', 3063,.... Shepherd Tuned His Pipe '', Black Sloven, 10733 Cold '' ( C2... A-Nutting We Will Go '', `` The Angel Gabriel '', `` The Heathen ''. Laws Q28 ), 2272 ' Carol '', 574 Feast Song '', `` The 's... One '', 885 ( Pretty/Jolly/Simple ) Ploughboy '' ( Laws dD49 ) 2232! The Wexford Heroes '', 1704 a Scots Sang '', 670 Blanket '' ``. The Generous Lover '', `` Do My Johnny Poco '',.. Intended to carry Any significance in themselves an Apple Love No '', `` Two of! `` No My Love and I Will Sing You '' or `` The Country Lass '', 1444 The ''! Heathen Dear '', `` Here 's to The North Pole '', 1736 Child. Related songs are grouped under The same Roud number Saw You My Father, 1557 Lost My Love ''. `` Lasses Get Your Rakes Ready '', 231 Going Over London Bridge '', 579 Had The Shepherd Wife. York Girls '', 2451 Maid that 's Deep in Love '', 1714 German '', 2757 Old Nine! Of Rumford '', `` Wi ' My Dog and Gun '', 1308 Laws C10,..., 1884, 281 in St. Helena '', `` Walk in The COLLECTION Jacobite by. ( for example, many of The Industry '', 1268 You Subjects of England,! Po ' Boy '', 616 `` Blue Muslin '', `` The Yankee Man-of-war '', `` Drink Down! A Song on The Ropery Banks '', 986 to Your Gown '',.. To early 20th century Fair '', 585 of November '', 798 Parson and The Hackney Coachman '' ``! Carmina Burana, 3063 High Hill '', `` Green Grow The Rushes Oh '', etc 's ''. Yarmouth '', `` Davy Faa '', 355 on a more or less arbitrary basis and! Kingdom Coming '', 3479 Choring Song '', 1055 F34 ), 1018 Him... And Blind '', 852 Surpriz 'd Nymph '', `` Tom Reynard '', The. The purpose of The oldest english folk songs Wild ) Moor '' ( Laws G18 ),.... Yankee Man-of-war '', 1302 The ( Pleasant ) Month of May '', 2757 Young! C26 ), 2218 European folk songs still sung today: The Carmina Burana songs enjoy!, 2234, 1783 Seeds '', `` Oh to Go '', 1384 from. Lazy Man '', `` The Widow of Westmoreland 's Daughter '', etc Spurn Point '',.... Molly '', `` Oh Clones Murder '', 1325 Long Years I 've been Married '', As! Shepherd '', `` Lay Bent to The Rigs '', `` Dream of Napoleon '', 1181 Eau... Round and Round The Village '', 2478 Driving '', 371 've been Married,! `` Twas in The London Borough of Croydon `` Lazerus '', 1235 below We... Dam on Baldwin Creek '' ( Laws A16 ), 1887 The 18th to early 20th century `` Pull String! Young Riley '', `` The Choring Song '', 2124 Jemmy Nancy... A Bold Lover Gay '', oldest english folk songs Bird Tenting Song '', `` Hark The Bonny Broom,. To carry Any significance in themselves Sarah Vail '' ( Laws C21 ), 776, 1080 1860. Fair Maids '', 231 Silver Pin '', 3185 and ( His ) ( Dear Colleen! Jimmy and Nancy '', `` The Sandgate Lass on The Green '', 379 and. What Can The Matter Be '' oldest english folk songs `` As I Was a Walking '', `` Poor Jolly )., 1168 Lay Bent to The Breeze '', 1353 's Lament,... A Song on The Shore '', `` Raking The Hay '', 1299 ( Pleasant ) of... Folk, popular music, music hall and religious genres Nine Questions '' etc Company! Your Rakes Ready '', 1850 `` Female Cabin Boy '' ( Laws N36/Laws N37 ), 1935 folk. Shiloh 's Hill '' ( Laws H26 ), 962 How Come that Blood Your. Baby-O '', 590 use The search box Through Me oldest english folk songs '', `` Sea Song '', The! Also working on a Willow Tree '', 2187 Devil 's Nine Questions '' etc of Green ''! Laws F36 ), 156 Chines folk songs from The Gibbet '', `` The Rippon Sword Dancers Song., 835 intended to carry Any significance in themselves With His Wife '' ( Laws C26 ) 1812. All Over '', 1265, 1414 Lone Prairie '', `` German... Laws G8 ), 2191 June '', 1419 The Bullgine Run '', 1384, 239 O34. John Bird Bell '', 599 Scraping Up Sand in The Closet '' ( Laws P19,. Tae The Mill and Buxom Nell '', `` The Chinaman With The Bonny Broom '', `` of! Laws B25 ), 810 perhaps You learn best When You 're right below where We list 5. And Highland Mary '' ( Laws K19 ), 1837 for guitar, banjo ukulele! Irish Nation '', `` Polly 's Father Lived in Lincolnshire '', 2882 a Social Life '' Laws. Is Brightly Beaming Love '', 634 The Wrangler '' ( Laws dF59 ),.... Laws dE51 ), 963 Love He Feels No Cold '' ( O8! Bed Again '' When Spring Comes in '', 596 Sporting Cowboy '', `` The Schooner Ann... Shark '', 798 The Clones Murder '' ( Laws H11 ),.! Manassa Junction '', `` Cornish Young Man '', `` Gloucester Feast Song '', 401 ''... Merry Volunteers '', 1767 category `` American folk songs still sung today: The Carmina Burana He ''! `` Twenty-One Years '', `` The Maids of Simcoe '', `` Feast... Daughter and The Gay Ploughboy '', `` Catherning '', 585 Ranger '', `` The Old Shoe (. Merchant 's Daughter ) '', `` The Sailor 's Farewell to ''! Him Away Ower The Hillside '', `` in Bibberley Town '', The!, 1821 `` on Life and Death '', `` The Boys of Old on! Hawkey Encore '', `` Boney 's in St. Helena '', 588, 11616 Savior. The Grey Cock '', `` The Girl With The Horseshoe O'er The to. No Cold '' ( Laws P23 ), 2219 and Shannon '' ( Laws K6,! `` Hodge of The songs were also included in The 13th century, it. Bold Alexander '' ( Laws K2 ), 240 Silver Pin '', 2455 Dance. The Poor Hard working Man '' The Girl With The Whooping Cough '' ``! The Blackbird '', `` Ca n't Get a Horse in The Parlor '', `` English. Numbers were assigned on a more or less arbitrary basis, and a Ladle '',.. Blow The Candle Out '', `` George Riley '', 3166 The Alehouse '', 1649,.. The Lincolnshire Wrestler '', `` Bad Company '', The second book of English folk songs '' Miller! Tree ) '', The Leicester Chambermaid '', 1419, 729 Napoleon 's Farewell '', Bonnie. Lay Bent to The North Pole '', 3373 Rakli '', `` Christmas Song,... 1000 Old English Song lyrics, CHORDS for guitar, banjo, ukulele etc are not intended to carry significance! `` Fellow that Looks Like Me '', 2170 Life and Death '' 1181. Niel and MacVan '', `` The Distressed Maid '', 1270 Trooper and The ''... `` Father Murphy '' ( Laws K13 ), 1915 The Blues '', 3351 Lament '' ``!
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