Aim for … What a great idea to work through one of the round ups. This looks great. This carrot salad will stay in the fridge for up to 7 days! It’s a tasty salad either way! Erica, I would just put slightly less chives — I don’t find this recipe tasting very chivy. Love how simple and tasty this recipe is–oh yeah, and it’s full of healthy ingredients! I’m generally a fan of big, bold flavor, but French carrot salad is a delicate balance of sweet raw carrot, tangy lemon juice, olive oil, Dijon mustard and herbs. As regards the grating process: you (and David Lebovitz) are right, many French people own a Moulinex food processor! … Thank you. In recent searches for a Moulinex (to get the perfect grate), I learned (1) they no longer make the original all-metal Moulinex but I’m contemplating spending a bit to hopefully find a used one on EBay, & (2) the Moulinexes of today include plastic parts & are not as highly recommended by some. 5 stars without cumin, 3 stars with. Hello! You’ll need carrots, olive oil, lemon, honey, cumin, parsley and chives. I’ve made it a couple times now and it keeps very well in the fridge. This is my carrot salad which is a pallet cleanser. I forget to put in the scallions and chives all the time and it’s still delicious. Mix well and season … Place the garlic in the dip. Whisk together some olive oil, vinegar, … You'll be more inspired to cook and treat your family with quick, tasty, homemade meals! It's incredibly simple, can be made two ways, and can be used as a base for a myriad of deliciously vegetarian variations. I can’t wait to give it a whirl! I love it! Your email address will not be published. Thank you for taking such time and care to make all your recipes just right. Thanks so much. This looks so simple and so delicious! I would love to find a French market near me! This carrot salad is a lesson in restraint and tastes more complex than it is. Privacy Policy. Dare I say that I never put in cumin, as it’s judt not my cup of tea. Thank you! Wow, if is not a secret, what kind of camera are you using for taking such beautiful pictures? Hello Kate! I thought it ruined my salad, so I doubled the carrots to mask it. In a large bowl, combine orange juice, vinegar, oil, honey, salt, and pepper. Looking forward to trying this recipe! You can also add 1 clove minced garlic, and a light sweet and tangy vinaigrette made with … Simple, delicious, healthy and adds beauty to any table! Grate the carrot use a standard box grater (or the shredder attachment of food processor). I made a smaller batch because I’m the only person in my family who will eat it. salt. It was a hit at a family brunch. It’s a keeper. Recipe yields 4 servings. It is so tasty, I want to eat it with a spoon! Thank you, Isabelle! :). Turns out I used all my honey making your honey whole wheat banana bread this weekend (oops) so I subbed a touch of maple syrup which was a little weird. Getting them small or thin is the key. Thanks for sharing! You’ll end up with about 3 cups grated carrots. 1 wine vinegar Taste and texture delicious. I think you can do with corriander instead of parsley. My dog, Cookie, catches the crumbs. Spent 10 years in France & LOVED carrot salad. A light and vibrant shredded salad flavoured with orange blossom water, cumin and mint- serve alongside … I discovered this carrot salad at French Market in Kansas City. Sorry , but that’s just my point of view. What a nice lunch to look forward to. You’re welcome, Cynthia. I am so going to make this soon. Their version includes chickpeas, which offer some protein and bulk. Didn’t have chives or parsley, but it is just delicious. German Carrot Salad (Grandma’s Recipe) This Delicious German Carrot Salad Is A Family Favorite! I lived in France for awhile and they would often serve a tricolor salad… grated carrots, grated celery root and grated beets, all with the mustard vinaigrette. I like to add a grated apple, some mint and raisins. thank you! A tasty crunchy salad recipe, carrot salad is served with green chutney , a creative recipe with health benefits. Hi Steve, I’m sorry you didn’t love this one. Just make sure you use an airtight container, so the carrots won’t dry out. I'm probably making a big mess in my Kansas City kitchen right now. I’m happy you found a way to enjoy them! I have yet to try a carrot salad. Carrot salad is an easy one … Love the dressing for this recipe! I’ll be making this tonight since I have everything on hand :). You’re welcome! I’ll do it again and add in the chick peas and see how it goes. Love them both. More about Cookie and Kate », Follow us! This classic French carrot salad recipe makes 4 to 6 servings. Hi Kate – it turned out OK! 4 Tblspn.corn or canola oil Wonderful of.our salads to complement fish cakes thank you. Thank you for sharing, Candy! Have you? Not a huge fan of chives or scallions… Oh, I will have to try the addition with the raisins! 4 ratings 5.0 out of 5 star rating. This salad is best with smaller, finer carrots but don’t worry too much about how the carrots are prepared. The girls behind the counter always have French accents, so you know the place is legit. Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes. Its so simple to make. HOW TO MAKE CARROT SALAD Add the shredded carrots to the bowl (I buy them pre-shredded !). Thank you for sharing. I had bought carrots at farmstand, and wasn’t sure what to do with them, since I’m not a big carrot fan (I had wanted farmstand produce, and there wasn’t much choice, so early in the season). What a brilliant salad. I’m excited you liked it, Jeanette! For a spectacular presentation when serving, garnish the top with rings of each color of bell pepper and rings of onion. Thanks. It’s absolutely delicious. Cabbage, Carrot and Lettuce Salad recipe, Indian Diabetic Salad … Is there a particular ad that is frustrating you? I put a big sprinkle of cumin seeds on the top which was delicious . Shredded carrots, pineapple, and raisins are tossed in a simple creamy dressing. Thanks for the comment and review. Boil the carrots whole in water, wtih the garlic, until just barely tender. Cranberry Pecan Apple Salad Recipe. I so appreciate relying on you! Leave a comment below, I can't wait to hear from you! This works really well with the fruit and nut rather than chick peas – no chives as we have an allergy in the family. the chickpeas were key and love the different textures. Delicious and fresh tasting carrot salad! “…French salads are ubiquitous in France …” I’d say so. The finest option on your spiralizer might work, too—please report back if you try! Thanks. Thank you for sharing, Linda! Looking for more carrot salads? But seriously, so excited about the dijon dressing too!! Ingredients 3 to 4 cups freshly grated carrots (from 4 to 6 medium-sized carrots) 1/2 to 1 cup raisins (regular, golden, craisins or a mix) 1 large apple, (peeled or not, your … I’m so happy you have already tried it! You are so welcome! But then again, I’d end up stocking up on ALL the baguettes and the vegan croissants instead of the pre-packaged salads. I used some delish Moringa honey that I ordered from good old Amazon. One reviewer says this salad complements fish cakes, so we’ll be having that for dinner soon. Raw carrots are seriously one of my top favorite vegetables (I’m 5 years old, I know). Grated carrots, pineapple and raisins come together in a sweet and savory Carrot Salad that's ready in about 15 minutes! Maybe you’ll share a version of that! Easy and delicious carrot raisin salad. I’m really glad you loved it! I tend not to go out and buy anything for recipes – I just use what I have on hand and I happen to have all of the ingredients for this recipe. Carrots, bell peppers and cucumber taste amazing with vinegar and grated ginger. Hi Margaret, I’m sorry to hear you are frustrated. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Just made this for one and it was lovely! Thanks for your feedback, Karen. Will do this again since everyone had seconds and thirds. Thanks! I do realise that you make your income from advertising. M&S used to do a version of this with almond flakes and sultanas. In a salad bowl, add grated carrots, and half of the dressing with walnuts and raisins. Prep Time 10 minutes. Hope this helps! Needed a quick side dish to some yummy crispy halibut and found this. Your French Carrot Salad recipe is fabulous. You’re welcome! Leave a comment below and share a picture on. Thank you so much for sharing! Chop the green onions and add those to the bowl. Very yummy. But it will be great no matter how you prepare your carrots! In a large bowl whisk together vinegar, cilantro, oil, salt, chili powder, and black pepper. I’m working my way through the ’29 epic salads’ page. I left out the chives/onion (not a fan) and it was still delicious. 20 Items Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice Let carrot take centre stage with these fresh, vibrant salads. Carrot Salad is a side dish that’s bright tasting and bursting with goodness and flavor. I am a huge carrot lover and am always looking for ways to have them at meal times and not just snack times. This Carrot Salad is lightly sweet, with the perfect amount of crunch, and makes the perfect addition to a potluck or brunch. Kate you missed out a most important detail of French Carrot salads…IT IS IN THE FINE SHREDDING ! Thank you for your review. Add the whole carrots (cut them in half if they don't fit in … I hope it was a big hit! Make sure you have cookies enabled on your browser to allow the plug-in to work. I think you’ll enjoy this salad no matter what! Nice alternative to mayo based salad. It was delicious and took me back. These tips are great! My advice, leave the salt out. Oh my gosh!!!! I wonder if you think a fine spiralizer might work? Always free • Unsubscribe anytime, The information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. To prepare the carrots: You can grate them on the large holes of a box grater, or use … You’re welcome, Geri! You’re welcome, Mia! Love this! Affiliate details ». Don’t miss this roasted and raw carrot salad with avocado, masala-spiced lentil salad with roasted carrots, and peanut slaw with soba noodles. It was so easy to make and the salad dressing is just amazing. I’ve been making this wonderful recipe often; it is just right for sweltering dinner days when I don’t want to cook or to eat anything rich. I just finished making it and it tastes great, even before all the flavours have fully blended. Thank you for commenting and your review. Chill. As a French woman and avid reader of your blog, I can indeed confirm that grated carrot salads are a staple in every French household. Mix the spices and lemon juice with the sugar. If you have a question, please skim the comments section—you might find an immediate answer there. Into a large bowl add the chopped parsley, cumin, olive oil, vinegar and garlic. I never knew I’d be so excited about a raw carrot salad. You’re welcome, Brooke! Didn’t have the adobo sauce for the Southwester salad but used ancho chile powder I had in my cupboard. Please let me know how you like this carrot salad in the comments. No honey in the dressing! The dressing was really delicious and emulsified so super creamy. This tastes way better without cumin. I love your cookie and kate recipes! You make it sound so good and the pictures make it look like something I’d want to try then and there! This easy carrot salad is a refreshing side dish perfect for encouraging picky eaters to eat … Dog lover. In the meantime, I bought a Korean Carrot Grater, selling on Amazon for $7.99. It was super tasty though, and perfect as an extra salad on the table for some more color! Stir until combined then … This French carrot salad recipe is simple and fresh! Sure! Only 6 ingredients to make this sweet and tangy salad that your whole family will love. I appreciate you feedback! Ingredients 1 pound shredded carrots 1 ¼ cups raisins 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, or to taste 1 teaspoon lemon juice ¼ teaspoon salt It produces a better grate of carrot than the julienne strips from a mandolin (too firm/ thick to absorb dressing well), or a box grater (too thin & limp; produces more of a shred)… but it’s a bit unwieldy to use & watch your knuckles on sharp blades! Hmmm… You could possibly try shallot or even leeks here, but I’m not sure since it doesn’t seem you like the onion family? Check out my blog article about my camera and food photography. I make it all the time and have had no desire to look at any other carrot salad recipes. I put slightly less honey because I like the sweet fresh taste of the carrots and don’t feel the need to sweeten much. ▸ Categories budget friendly, dairy free, egg free, fall, gluten free, Independence Day, Mediterranean, naturally sweetened, nut free, pack for lunch, recipes, salads, side dishes, soy free, spring, summer, tomato free, vegan, winter ▸ Ingredients carrots, chickpeas, lemon, parsley, slaws, Vegetable enthusiast. David Lebovitz says they’re using a specialty device called “Moulinex hachoir a legumes.”. What did you link, Lis? Carrot salad recipes. Broccoli Carrot Salad makes use of two very exciting and wonderful vegetables and mix them together with an Indian-style dressing. All Carrot Salad Recipes Ideas. Get the recipe: and refreshing salad to make during the hot summer months or anytime! When I click on “nutritional information” there’s nothing there. It’s awesome! Julienne them using a julienne peeler or a mandoline with a thin julienne … 3-4 carrots (1 lb.) I love when that happens! Very light and tasty salad/slaw. Place the carrots in a medium serving bowl. I omitted the green onions but the salad still had enough punch for me. It makes for a delicious recipe to be enjoyed with family … Keep letting me know what you think! Showing 1-18 of 254. Thanks for this recipe, I’ve made it more times than i care to count. Great salad and the dressing was a perfect match. It must’ve been something similar to your recipe. Place the carrots into a mixing bowl and add the sugar and salt. I know the salad will be will be a big hit! I don’t know if i can fairly rate it though since i left out the chives since I was making it for someone who avoids them for dietary reasons, and left out the honey since my carrots were really sweet to start with. If you would like to leave a star review, since you like it that would be wonderful. I substituted orange marmalade. Pour the oil over the garlic (it’ll sizzle for a few seconds). So happy to see this recipe on your blog!! Definitely one of my favorite salads! First, the dressing: olive oil (although ubiquitous in Southern France, near the Mediterranean sea) is not traditional for our Carottes râpées. Did you … My mom used to add raisin to bring out the sweetness. which gives this totally different taste. Ah, yes – I remember reading about this specialty in David L.’s book :) See our, Please let me know how it turned out for you! I made this recipe as I was on a quest to use up 5-lbs of carrots my husband bought at the wholesale club. The endless advertising is soooooo annoying. (Yes, it’s because I’m French AND vegetarian ^^) I agree, carrot salad is so simple and yet so good. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful, healthy recipes! Valerie tosses her Broccoli Carrot Salad with a Honey Dijon Vinaigrette. Kate, I love your recipes! Apparently French salads are ubiquitous in France and we’ve been missing out. I was really surprised by how much I loved that fresh, crisp-tender, sweet-and-savory carrot salad, so here we are. For it, we usually use some neutral taste oil, typically sunflower oil. Lovely and refreshing salad! Carrot Raisin Salad. However, there’s a point where it just becomes intrusive . <3, Gotta edit my typos-*just not my cup of tea, *Sweltering summer days. Shredded carrots, raisins and pineapple are tossed together with a sweet and tangy dressing. Everyone will ask you for the recipe after they try it!. (You will not be subscribed to our email newsletter.). Thank you for the recipe. Toss again before serving. A friend made some at a bbq on Saturday and I had to find a recipe. I love raw carrot salads, especially with the proper dressing! I found out by accident when I didn’t have any. Then again, I’m not sure I’ve ever had French carrot salad before! Oh my gosh, my husband just had dinner last night at a French bistro (here in the U.S., not France) near our house and they put a saucer with shredded carrots on our table with the bread. Kids love them, grows-up do too. Toss to coat. They’re great as an appetizer or a side, with a cheese platter and so on! I spent a summer in Paris in 2006 and fell in love with this salad, which was cheap and vegetarian so it checked all my boxes. This salad keeps well in the refrigerator, covered, for about 4 days. 1/2 cup chopped parsley Yum! Arf Cookie! I’m happy you loved it. This will become a regular for me! All you need for this easy and quick carrot salad recipe is one main ingredient: shredded carrots. In full transparency, I have ads to make a living and be able to create great content and recipes for you. I think that is a great idea, Connie! Drain and discard the garlic. I’ll be making it again this weekend. It’s going to be a staple here from now on. Serve it grated with chicory, steamed with cumin or roasted with rocket and lentils. the amount of dressing was exactly perfect for the amount of salad. 5 from 1 vote. Make it vegan: Substitute maple syrup for the honey. Add the vinegar, paprika, coriander powder, and cayenne. Cuisine American. Keyword carrot raisin salad. Chilling 2 hours. You can just leave them out. The carrots account for the predominant flavor and texture in this recipe—so it matters how you prepare them. My husband’s Mimi makes this for family dinners and I’ve loved it at first bite! Anyway, as you are by far the QUEEN of salads, I have no doubt that your version of our Carottes râpées is delicious, if not authentically French! I admit I did add a bit more honey (1 T). Anyone who are fans of carrot sticks would definitely love this one. Stir in cucumber, carrots, and red onion. The big file shredders won’t do the same AT ALL !! I can’t tell you how many times I have the bagged shredded carrots and it goes to mush in frige. A box grater or food processor would also work. Toss the salad again to blend the seasonings and chill it for 30 minutes before serving. All rights reserved. Thank you for your review. © Cookie and Kate 2010 - 2020. Ingredients 1 pound carrots, peeled 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice, from one lemon 1-1/2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1-1/2 … I did my carrots with my Pampered Chef spiralizer and they were perfect. Delicious recipes emailed to you every week! I love that you bought local, even if they aren’t your favorite. Email me when Kate or another C+K reader replies directly to my comment. Just noticed the comment about trying to make long strings and maybe that would be professional and French but have no idea how to do that and it tastes just fine put through the grating disc of the food processor. 1/4 cup walnut pieces Nice to get a recipe from my old stomping grounds, Kansas City! It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice. More Delicious Salad Recipes; Carrot Salad; What Makes This Carrot Salad So Delightfully Delicious. Cover with plastic wrap or foil and chill for 2 to 4 hours before serving. I had already decided on an easy main course and thought this salad would add some pizzazz to the meal…and besides I had all the ingredients on hand, including fresh chives that I had filched from a friend’s herb garden. I love it!! I’ll give it another go though, I LOVE a carrot salad :) Another favorite version of mine is with granny smith apples and carrots – I can eat that by the bucket in the summer, yum. Called “Rübchensalat” by her German grandma, this is a salad that Lisa actually grew up eating. I try to keep my recipes as authentic as possible, yet attainable to most. I hope you love the salad and it reminds you of France! Wash and peel the carrots. Happy to hear it has your stamp of approval. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else. Pour over the carrots. So healthy and refreshing. This was perfection. Let me know what you think, Maureen! Or maybe the dressing is better when the grated carrot lies closer together? Loved this recipe enough that I went back for more carrots, and am eating my second batch. I have an abundance of shredded carrots left over right now and checked your site this morning for a recipe, only for this one to show up in my inbox this afternoon! It’s a key ingredient for this salad. This Carrot Salad with … Healthy and tasty Carrot and Cucumber Salad is easy-to-make and ready in just few minutes. Any recommendations for a non-onion twist? We hate spam. Thanks! Hi Kate! You’re welcome! Yes! I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the French Carrot Salad. Pour the dressing over the carrot mixture and stir until the mixture is evenly coated in dressing. I eat carrot sticks almost every day, and this looks like a delicious way to get my stick fix! Apple Carrot Salad Diane Molberg of Emerald Park, Saskatchewan tosses together sweet raisins, bright carrots and crunchy apple chunks to create this fresh-tasting side dish. grated Was still delicious. Sprinkle the carrot salad with the salt, pepper, and parsley, if using. I didn’t know what it was, but it was delicious. I like to snack on it alone but now in a wrap. If you made the recipe, please choose a star rating, too. Thank you, Nathalie for sharing your authentic expertise! Combine ingredients chill in refrigerator for 1 hr. Course Side Dish. You should try to fry it for a second in a pan. Thank you for my new favourite summer salad :). Thanks. Toss well to … Hey Bec, I think it would work! Made it tonight with dinner and also served with leftover Southwestern Roasted Veggie Salad with Chipotle-Balsamic Dressing. It gets in the way far too much. Thank you for your work. Anyhow, the crucial point is to FINELY grate the carrots (e.g. Print Pin. I love your recipes but I can’t stand your website. especially the mint makes this super tasty! A new favorite. Thanks! Don’t stress about how you grate your carrots. It’s not a secret at all! Our free email newsletter delivers new recipes and special Cookie + Kate updates! Mix these spices and make a small dip in the middle. Do you think I could use a spiralizer on the carrots though? Massage the carrots gently, until they start to release their juice. French carrot salad is a lovely side dish to offer at picnics, in packed lunches, with sandwiches, and so on. I left out the chick pease (husband is not a fan) and increased the cumin. Give it another stir. Julienne them using a. Cookie and Kate is a registered trademark of Cookie and Kate LLC. Divide salad among four serving plates. This French carrot salad is a huge hit in our carrot-loving family! Heat the oil until it’s very hot. I’m glad you love this one. This one recipe can yield so many yummy options! Tastes the best when chilled, serve this in a buffet menu or as a diet snack. Simple ingredients, complex flavor–isn’t that always the way with French recipes? with a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, we would select the attachment with the small holes). I was short one ingredient, honey. Broccoli Carrot Salad. I have tried over the years to make but never got the dressing right. French Market’s carrot salad features tiny, short slivers of carrot that readily absorb dressing, but are difficult to achieve at home. I was lucky enough to actually try it IN France at the Paris Buvette. Pin Carrot Raisin Salad for Later. Made from freshly boiled carrots, onion, and simple spices, this carrot salad makes a great side dish! Oh so delicious! Add the chives, parsley and optional chickpeas to the bowl. Thanks again Kate. Recipe inspired by French Market in Kansas City. Amazing <3. I cook fresh, vegetarian recipes. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. Thank you for sharing. Dice or slice the carrots. Keywords: Carrot Salad, Carrot salad recipe, indian carrot salad, Carrot salad with raisins, Indian carrot salad, carrot slaw, carrot slaw recipe, vegan carrot salad, vegan carrot slaw. I managed to achieve a similar texture by using my julienne peeler (affiliate link) in short strokes, but it was tedious work. Thank you, Kate, for these beautiful flavors. Printing the recipe to try this at home this week. You could also run the carrots through your food processor with the grating attachment or grate the carrots on the large holes of your box grater. Carrot Salad with Black Grape Dressing Recipe, Learn how to make Carrot Salad with Black Grape Dressing (absolutely delicious recipe of Carrot Salad with Black Grape Dressing ingredients and cooking method) Why buy salad dressings off the rack that are full of preservatives?