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Start Your Business in One Day

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Program Overview

“Start Your Business in one Day (24 Hours) is an
active 3 day Practical workshop in Cairo designed to
help you understand the entrepreneurship
fundamentals and equip you with the needed skills,
knowledge and tools to evaluate your business idea
and put it into action as well as developing your own
Brand Name , Logo and, website only in 3 days. The
program instructors have a tremendous experience
more than 20 years in starting up businesses,
training , consulting and entrepreneurship.
Yes there’s a capsule crash course where that can

Program Outlines

  • Day One:
    -Entrepreneurship Fundamentals.
    -Entrepreneurs challenges and needed competencies.
    -Basic Marketing knowledge and skills to GROW your business
    -Finance & Accounting Fundamentals: Financial Statements , Ratios and
    Enhancing the Financial Position and eliminating the Financial Weakness.
    Day Two:
    – Build your Business Model
    -Design your Value Proposition
    -Explore Funding Options and Funding Allocation
    Day Three:
    -Learn Digital Marketing Fundamentals.
    -Create your Brand Name and Design Logo .
    -Build a world class Website.
    -Understand importance of SEO
    -Create Your Business Facebook Page
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