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Coaching Skills

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Coaching Skills


About this course


Our coaching journey is different than any other journey, We Promise you that it will be a memorable Journey that you will never forget, and after this journey you will start looking at things differently. We will take you in Journey that will change your paradigm about yourself and about your team, we will take you where you will discover new ways to encourage, inspire and develop yourself and your team to better achieves your personal as well as company goals.


As coaching/ feedback are concerned with behaviors, i.e. recognizing, starting or stopping certain behaviors, we will tackle Attitude first, because (Attitude) drives our (Behaviors), and impacts our performance, our relationships with others and the success of coaching sessions. We will start our coaching Journey with the end in mind (what is your vision?), Passing by the hidden part of the leader ice berg (Values, Beliefs, Thoughts & Emotions) that drives our behaviors and influence our decision making, then we will float on the top and deal with the outer world (understand your team differences) & (Master the building blocks skills of a successful coach).

Learning Outcome

  • Improves performance and motivation
  • Enhances confidence and “ownership”
  • Staff development / Improved learning
  • Supports change
  • Improves relationships
  • Increases creativity and creative ideas
  • Enhances respect, trust, self-awareness
  • Enhances self-reliance and self-management
  • Greater flexibility, adaptability to change



Define your goal


  • Introduction
    • As a Leader, people will not follow you unless they have a clear, inspiring goal.
    • They need also to know; how they will reach this goal?
    • Our values also drive our behaviors , If there are no SHARED VALUES at the workplace, every employee will bring his own personal values to work and at that time conflict will occur


  • Be In the Zone
    • Live our Values: identify you personal / Business vision, mission, and values.


Understand yourself

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Self Motivation


Understand your Team

  • “Different Storks for Diff Folks “


Coaching Skill


Building effective relationship with your employees

  • Building Trust
  • Building Rapport
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Powerful Coaching Questions
  • Feedback Process
  • GROW Model for Coaching


Target Audience

This is an ideal course for anyone who needs to use effective coaching skills to develop others; whether they are line managers, internal coaches, or HR professionals. Coaching is an essential activity to help improve, enhance, or develop, a person’s skills and behavior in the workplace. It also has a very positive impact on the retention of knowledge and skills, after a person has been trained.

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