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The ability to negotiate successfully is crucial for survival in today’s changing business world. It is an everyday occurrence. Life is an endless series of interactions that require negotiation. You are confronted daily with countless situations in which you are called upon to negotiate, to reach an agreement, or to resolve a conflict or difference of opinion.


To help participants understand the importance of negotiation in business, its styles and how to apply it efficiently.

Learning Outcome

Understand types and models of negotiation and how to convince others by my own proposition/product, responding to objections, reaching agreements and building on similarities



01. What is negotiation
02. Hard & Soft Negotiation
03. Different position in negotiation
04. Handling conflicts
05. Bargaining zone
06. My preferred style in negotiation
07. Principled Negotiation
08. B.A.T.N.A
09. Process of Negotiation
10. Building strategy & tactics
11. Follow up
12. Case Study
13. Negotiation behaviors
14. Tools to avoid
15. Language of Negotiation
16. Guidelines

Target audience

Employees at all levels who seek to maximize their performance and add value to the organization.


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