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We all have expectations and those expectations impact all of our relationships. We also have desires that drive us, motivate us and inform our decisions. The normal personality, asserts that one of the best ways to understand people is improving your emotional intelligence. More important than having people understand you; is that you understand them. We recognize the importance of emotional intelligence.


We seek to explain to others why emotional intelligence is more than important than IQ. Identifying what triggers your employees and what motivates them and how it affects their performance. Understanding the importance of emotions and exchanging them. Our main objective is to develop practical techniques that helps manages one’s behaviour in self and others as well as understanding how our perceptions affect our relationships.

Emotional Intelligence is defined as a set of competencies demonstrating the ability one has to recognize his or her behaviors, moods, impulses and to manage them best according to the situation.

Learning Outcome

  • Make an accurate assessment of your strengths and opportunities to develop
  • Notice & identify different patterns of behaviors leading to success
  • Use self-empowering tools to reprogram beliefs and attitudes and increase potential
  • Take advantage of key techniques for emotional management leading to positive impact in the workplace
  • Develop strategies for becoming more flexible and adaptable to change



I. Emotional intelligence self assessment

II. Self – Awareness

  • Develop pillars of self development (Knowledge, skill and attitude)
  • Define EI competencies and how it needs to be integrated with IQ
  • Understand the 5 competencies of EI Model
  • Recognize tools to become more self-aware of one’s capacities
  • Apply self- awareness skills personal and professionally
  • Assess one’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Expand our communication capacity with self and others


III. Self- Regulation and Self- Motivation

  • Realize the meaning and importance of self management
  • Discover the power of paradigm shifts
  • Understand perception and perception pitfalls
  • Identify the self-defeating thoughts those personal blocks
  • Motivating ourselves and realizing the power of pep talk
  • Adapt I can do attitude for action that enhance productivity
  • Develop listening skills for better understanding of others


IV. Empathy & Effective Relationships

  • Train to see things from others perspectives and demonstrate mental flexibility
  • Avoid unproductive arguments that take away energy, effort and time
  • Practice handling conflicts and different opinions
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence action plan


Target Audience

This program is designed for all professionals who are seeking to get better understanding of emotional intelligence and how to utilize in business and personal life as well.  Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders & Team Members, Professionals seeking personal development

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