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Leadership and the team

Leadership and the team


1- Build an empowered team

One of your responsibility is building a team’s ability and belief that they can make decisions that impact the organization they work on.


How to recognize an empowered team?

  • They have the power to make decision
  • They have access to information
  • They have access to resources
  • They have a sense of accountability

2- Stretch the team

Challenge people and get them deeply involved in the work they do

  • Surprise people with real challenges
  • Use stretch goals
  • Get to know what motivates each individual
  • Bring them into your work
  • Get people deeply involved

3- Upset your team’s thinking

As a leader, it’s vital that your team doesn’t being to “groupthink”

Here are some helpful techniques to make sure you upset your team’s thinking

  • Tell the team what “groupthink” is
  • Use a “rotating chair” to lead the meeting
  • Consider the outside view
  • Don’t let the team know your view point
  • Play devil’s advocate
  • Get people to consult and report back

4- Trust the virtual team

here are nine tips to help you successfully lead your virtual team

  • Start with everyone in one room
  • Begin with some ground rules
  • Ensure that you deal with everyone equally
  • Get to know individuals outside the team meeting
  • Provide relevant & timely feedback to all members
  • Consider time zones
  • Understand the culture of those you’re working with
  • Be consistent in your rewards and recognition


October 20, 2020

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